To the girls at the gym – what you don’t see

Dear girls at the gym,

When you looked at me and told me one day I’d be able to look like you. Maybe. It was embarrassing and it hurt.

But as I thought about it, I thought of all the things you didn’t see.

You didn’t see the threebeautiul children my saggy mommy belly housed.

You didnt see the pain I carry from losing an unborn child I never got to meet.

You didn’t see how much of a fighter I am and what I have endured.

You didn’t see me fall, but get back up with bleeding hands and knees to finish my run.

There is so much more to me the my thunder thighs and my saggy mommy belly. I am a fighter. I am a proud mommy. I am a loving, at times emotionally unstable wife!

I will continue to work on loving my body inspite of comments like yours and continue to show my daughter that you don’t have to be a size one to be happy!


The chubby mama at the gym


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